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We are the Pop-up Project


Jules Downum

Executive and Artistic Director

Louie Head shot.jpg

Louie Marin-Howard

Director of Outreach and Education


Katelyn Kirnie

Development Strategist


Jerigray Eduave

Director of Content and Company Management

Our Board of Directors 2023
Ann Cater.png
Ann Cater


Former Director of Corporate Support at PBS WTCI. Expertise in Fundraising, Media, Public/Community Relations, Planning/Organizing. Influence with: Arts, Business Relations.

Chloe Morrison.jpeg
Chloe Morrison


Marketing and Communication at Launch TN. Expertise in Marketing, Communication, Media, Community Outreach. Influence with: Arts, Film/Media.

Harolda Bryson

Member at Large

Office of the City Attorney. Expertise in legal. Influence with: Government, Public/Community Relations.


Harolda Bryson.jpeg
Betsy Caldwell Cake

Member at Large

Community Volunteer. Expertise in education and Spanish. Influence with: Community engagement, educational programming, and translation.

Betsy Caldwell Cake.jpeg
Woodson Carpenter.jpeg
Woodson Carpenter

Member at Large

The Community Foundation Expertise in community development, artistic placemaking, music, non-profit management, and resource development.

Lya Kimbrough.jpeg
Lya Kimbrough

Member at Large

Entrepreneur Center: Urban League. Expertise in events, finance, start-ups. Public/Community Relations, Artists, Planning/Organizing. Influence with: Arts, Business, Media, Government.

Maria E.

Member at Large

PhD - Early Intervention Evaluator at Signal Centers. Expertise in Early Childhood Education, Integrated Curriculum Development, Movement Education. Influence with: Education, Equity, and Diversity.

Maria E Vives-Rodriguez.jpeg
Our Community
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