One of the most exciting aspects of The Pop-up Project is that we bring together a variety of artists, from established to emerging, to create exciting cross-genre collaborations unlike anything else! Since our launch in January 2017, we've worked with over 175 Chattanooga artists! Check out some of the amazing folks who've made this possible!

Meet the Awesome Folks Who've been Involved

 Pop-up Project

Artistic Directors:

Jules Downum 

Mattie Waters

2018 Collaborators

Tim Cofield (music, cinematography, and editing)

Levi Carter (cinematography)

Garrell Woods (vocals, dance, acting)

Trevor Haines (dance, martial arts, acting)

Kenton Mines (dance, vocals, acting)

Kenny Keakewane (dance, choreography, martial arts, acting)

Tomas Donoso (repelling technical support)

Terrance Wright (vocals, dancing, acting)

Leigh Nash (vocals)

Jessica Nunn (violin)

Maddi Lane (choreography, dance)

Kelsey Porter (wardrobe)

Apryl Hughes (makeup)

Margaret Pate (visual installations)

Carl Cadwell (music)

Josh Green (music)

Stratton Tingle and Soundcorps (event coordination, sound, music)

Kendra Katz (dance and choreography)

Brenna Crowley (dance and choreography)

Amber Eastman (dance and choreography)

Aubre Hill (dance and choreography)

Jenna Shear (dance and choreography)

Kimberley Larkspur (dance and choreography)

Yvonne Michelle Cordoba (dance and choreography)

Brian Foster- DJ Synaptic Flow (music)

Mike Eaves (lighthing)

Emma Pankuk (dance and choreography)

Chloe Russell (dance)

Jerigray Eduave (dance)

Fred Davis (dance)

Jenison Owens (dance)

Hannah Locke (dance)

Ballet Tennessee Summer Intensive Students (dance)

Ballet Tennessee Dance Alive Students (dance)

Emerald Lane (dance)

2017 Collaborators:

Lacy Maselle (dance and choreography)

Cornelius Heard (dance and choreography)

Hannah Locke (dance and choreography)

Imara Young (dance and choreography)

Damian Chaney (dance)

Ryan Roberts (dance)

Amy Dunham (dance and choreography)

Sara Dean (dance)

Kenny Keawekane (dance and choreography)

Tim Cofield (Videography and editing)

Eric Young (melodica)

Jessica Nunn (violin)

Ben Van Winkle (cello)

Jeff Joyner (mandolin)

Lon Eldridge (Guitar)

Tyler Martelli (Mandolin)

Suzanne Bozzone Dawnay (Opera)

Stuart Pickrell (Bass)

The Booker T. Scruggs Ensemble

Carl Cadwell (dJ and keyboard) 

Josh Green(drums)

David Piersaul (cinematography)

Blue Hayes (cinematography)

George Dawnay (painting)

Cessna Decosimo (painting)

Booker T. Scruggs (Story Telling)

Jill Clark (Makeup)

Tootsie von Comare (Hair,Makeup, and Dance)

Natalie Vermillion (Dance)

Michele Pesce (Dance)

Elizabeth Solomon (Dance and Costuming)

Tracy Henderson (dance)

Madeline Phillips (Dance)

Hope Ipes (Dance)

Connie McNair (Dance)

Commix Dance Crew

The Pop-up Project is an ArtsBuild Community Arts Partner 


The Pop-up Project is Proud to be Sponsored by The footprint Foundation, The Lyndhurst Foundation, The Benwood Foundation, The Bobby Stone Foundation, Arts Build, The Tennessee Arts Commission, Humanaut, The Chattanooga Theatre Centre Urban Story Ventures, and many other individual donors and Clients.


Thank you!