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Production Services
The Pop-up Project is a dance-centered production company that produces all of its dance content in house. Using our network of collaborators and in house team, The Pop-up Project is able to conceptualize, produce, and execute full length feature films, on-site performance short films, dance photography, concert dance coverage, etc. Hire us for all of your dance content needs!
The Light We Share

Our feature length film shedding light on 8 stories from within our community. 

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Our Approach

Originating as movers give us a knowledgeable and unique perspective on how to film and video dance-centered content. The Pop-up Project prioritizes the story and elevating choreography through camera and lighting techniques. Our experience and insight within movement allows us to be production leading experts.

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Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
Our Services


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Dance Short Films

Concert and Performance Coverage

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Social Dance Content

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Event Coverage

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