The Pop-up Project's mission is to increase access to the performing arts, and to generate fair wage opportunities for artists. We fulfill this mission through innovative performance experiences and educational enrichment programs in local schools and studios. 


-In 2019, The Pop-up Project will produce 3 collaborative videos, 3 epic live shows, will schedule casual dance performances in public spaces throughout the city, will perform at local events and fundraisers, and will  will take our innovative approach into schools with our arts integrative program and for kids. 

We are working to generate a new arts economy in our community. One that is collaborative, integrated, and community based. Our vision is a vibrant, diverse, and sustainable performing arts culture in Chattanooga. 

Check out how our work benefits our community below!

Our community impact:

  •  Through our site specific programs - we create socially conscious work that highlights the history and landscape of Chattanooga.

  •  In our enrichment program - we offer 5th graders and arts intagrative curriculum that explores  community heroes. Activities include dance, writing, storytelling, theatre games, and visual arts activities.

  • Through our commission program - we offer exciting, immersive, and and high quality performances for events, festivals, fundraisers etc., at any budget. Contact us for options!   

  • Our work is collaborative- we “bring the experts to the table” for each project by curating a team of local, professional artists from different genres and paying them a fair wage for their participation. This approach has brought diverse artists, from a variety of perspectives and disciplines together in a way that would not otherwise happen!

  • We generate income for local artists on projects that excite them. help build their networks, and expose them to new audiences.
      "It was such an honor and privilege to be a part of this awesome and powerful project and paying tribute to the sit-in protests of February 1960.... I want to give a HUGE S/O to the amazing “The Pop-Up Project” founders Jules Downum and Mattie Waters, Thank you so much for letting Commix Dance Crew and I be a part of such a powerful tribute. Another huge shout-out to the amazing Videographer Tim Cofield and everyone that was involved to make this tribute even more special."~Ryan Roberts, Commix Dance Crew, Dancer in the Sit-In Tribute Performance


  • We provide our community additional exposure to high quality art free of charge- videos and performances are free to the public.​

    • According to the National Endowment for the Arts, the three primary reasons that income and ethnic diversity is low in the arts are lack of transportation to the venue, no-one to go with, and the cost of admission. Because The Pop-up Project performs in public spaces and/or makes performance videos that are free to the public, we break down the economic/transportation issues that often prevent low-income residents from participating.

  • We engage our community: We understand the benefits of participation and inclusion in art making and we have provided community members opportunities to participate as extras, flash mob-dancers, etc

    "I loved [the shoot] this morning. Everyone was so professional. Thank you for clear directions and for timelines. Thank you for your heart for this important project. It was an honor..."~ Lisa Reynolds,  Extra in The Sit-in Tribute Performance