The Pop-up Project's mission is to increase access to the performing arts, and to generate fair wage opportunities for artists. We fulfill this mission through innovative performance experiences and educational enrichment programs in local schools and studios. 


We are working to generate a new arts economy in our community. One that is collaborative, integrated, and community based. Our vision is a vibrant, diverse, and sustainable performing arts culture in Chattanooga. And we are doing that by building a new resource base/marketplace, developing artists and new outlets for performance.

We strongly believe that valuing our creative human resources is the key to success for our organization and our city.

Supporting local artists is so important for us that we made it part of our mission to generate fair wage opportunities for them! In 2019 ​YTD, we’ve provided collaborating artists a total of $66,213.

We are building new audiences for local artists through innovative programming that includes site-specific films, commissioned work, enrichment programming, and immersive events - such as Abandoned Arts.

  •  Through our site specific programs - we create socially conscious work that highlights the history and landscape of Chattanooga.

  •  In our enrichment program - we team local artists with students to create collaborative installations to be used in immersive professional shows.

  • Through our commission program - we offer exciting, immersive, and high quality performances for events, festivals, fundraisers etc., at any budget. Contact us for options!   

The Pop-up Project is Proud to be Sponsored by The footprint Foundation, The Lyndhurst Foundation, The Benwood Foundation, The Bobby Stone Foundation, Arts Build, The Tennessee Arts Commission, Humanaut, The Chattanooga Theatre Centre Urban Story Ventures, and many other individual donors and Clients.


Thank you!