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Our Outreach and Education Program

Dance fosters an increased sense of body awareness, a concern for correct body alignment, and an awareness of personal and general space. It makes us conscience of self-presentation, and the self in relation to one self, others, and the space around us.

Classes are on-site and will introduce Ballet, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Hip Hop and Creative Dance exercises as a means to gain greater flexibility, control, coordination, strength, and balance.

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Through set movements, exercises, improvisations, and choreography, dancers experience seeing, discerning, interpreting, problem solving, and evaluating and making creative and artistic choices and critiques.

Most importantly, our program is FUN!


Our Philosophy

We believe that dancers train in 3 ways.

The Mind: the thinking, breathing, creative Artist inside.

The Body: our instrument on and off stage.

as a Community: existing in relation and in harmony with one another.

Help Support Our Mission

Consider a tax deductible donation of any amount to help further and develop our mission in the Chattanooga area.

Our Teaching Artists

Dedicated. Passionate. Educators.

Our Teaching Artist team comes from highly eclectic backgrounds, dance training, and experience. We are training in a variety of dance genres those including: Ballet, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Hip Hop, and more.

Get to Know Us

Learn more about each of our Teaching Artists with their bios.


3214 Brainerd Road

Chattanooga, TN 37411

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