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Youth Programming
Our year round youth programming aims to positively impact the lives of children through an accessible, age appropriate, high quality dance education program and curriculum.
Our Philosophy

We believe that as dancers, we train in 3 ways:

The Mind - the thinking and breathing artist inside.

The Body - our instrument on and off stage.

as a Community - existing in relation and in harmony with one another.

Our Partners

We're currently serving 400+ children every week with quality dance education at these locations:


Shepherd Community Center

Normal Park Museum Magnet

Reach One Teach One

Girls in Leadership

Red Bank Elementary

Northside Neighborhood House at Red Bank HS

East Side Elementary

Eastdale Community Center 

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Our Program

Classes are on-site and will introduce Ballet, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, and Creative Dance exercises as a means to gain greater flexibility, control, coordination, strength, and balance.

Through our program, dancers experience discerning and problem solving skills while making creative and artistic choices and critiques.

More importantly, our program is fun!

Louie Head shot.jpg
Louie Marin-Howard

Director of Outreach and Education

Crystal Newson Headshot
Crystal Newson

Teaching Artist

Ashley Tisdale Headshot
Ashley Tisdale

Teaching Artist

Kenny Headshot.jpg
Kenny Keawekane

Teaching Artist

Marah Bates Headshot.png
Marah Bates

Teaching Artist

ryan headshot.jpg
Ryan Roberts

Teaching Artist

Matty Parker Headshot 2.png
Matty Parker

Teaching Artist

caroline headshot.jpg
Caroline Harden

Teaching Artist

Get to know our Teaching Artists and why they're the right educators for our kids!
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3214 Brainerd Road Chattanooga, TN 37411 

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